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A brief letter to you.

When my friend called me back in 2017 to talk about Crypto, it immediately sounded like the stock market. However, having been interested in the stock market since I was 17, a new "wild west" territory sounded truly exciting. Could I trade options in Crypto? Is there a lack of liquidity and thus plenty of arbitrage opportunity? The answers to these questions have revealed themselves over the years.

At the time, I wanted to use my programming skills to analyse the crypto markets and find an edge. Over time, you learn what works. I feel there is a lot of misinformation online too. It feels as though once something becomes known, it also becomes less effective. Then there is the market hypothesis. Markets are efficient. Or, are they? They might be efficient, but there are certainly behaviours in markets which we all recognise and lead to the hunt for finding great opportunities and trading setups.

It is my belief that in order to be profitable in the markets, we need both a higher than 50% probability of success mixed with a decent risk to reward ratio.

The stock market is filled with institutions built to take retail money. Speculation doesn't feel advisable for people like me. The single parent, working full time and looking to build whatever retirement structure they can as a millenial. Therefore, I hunt for certainty. Thing is, I enjoy the hunt more than I do the trade. Others enjoy to trade and appreciate the information from the hunt being provided to them. This is what makes the Crypto Wizards platform work.

So step 1, finding high probability setups. This is where the algorithmic scanners come in looking for explosive moves which have a good type of what I would call mean-reversion to standard deviation probability strategy.

So step 2, risk to reward. From a Crypto sense, this could mean arbitrage (which would ignore step 1). From a trading sense, this could mean taking advantage of favourable pricing in options.

When everyone believed the bull market would go on forever and that arbitrage wasn’t profitable, we built arbitrage tools. Now, while everyone believes cryptocurrency is no longer profitable, we are building price and momentum tracking tools. Then whilst everyone is piling into Crypto, we will be analysis undervalued stocks and trading an edge on options. Well, that's the plan right now anyway.

We are the new market wizards. We provide visibility to opportunities in the market which you simply are unlikely to find anywhere, because those who are making money, don't want to give up their golden goose. This is not something I have an issue sharing. Am grateful that I now know enough to build ML algorithms or scan markets on autopliot to provide info on the best trades to take. The hunting is now semi-automated and I find this to be exciting and pretty cool. It's fun to share insights that differ from the mainstream hype, but that actually carry value.

Who is this for? Experienced retail traders who the see and request the value in the content and information provided.

Who is this not for? People who want an easy ride. If you are not clear on what is provided here, this is not for you and would recommend not to sign up.

We do close entry every now and then to new signups. This is not a marketing strategy, but rather designed to keep opportunities in-house for our existing members. If you see membership is closed (this will be made clear on the website), simply write in to express interest and you will be notified of the next open date.

With all that said, welcome to the team Wizard. It's good to have you.

The Founder.

"Shaun has an extensive background in business growth and technology.

At a young age, he ran a multi-million-dollar site in manufacturing and engineering as a Finance Director and Site Lead prior to turning his attention swiftly to start-ups in tech.

Major successes include building a stable community and network in Blockchain, running a successful SaaS platform and teaching/training via value video content successfully to thousands of students online via Udemy."


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