Welcome to Crypto Wizards. We help everyday people, the underdog and aspiring data junkies make money in ways others have missed. We have access to cryptocurrency arbitrage opportunities, tools and machine learning data that others do not and provide these EXCLUSIVELY and ONLY to our private community.

We believe that a change is happening RIGHT NOW in the marketplace. Universities can’t keep up with the rate of innovation and big companies are too slow to react. This has left those who a willing to learn with a unique, once in a lifetime advantage. The best part is that EVERYTHING you need is available. You only need an idea and some belief in your own ability to execute on what is given to you. YOU are the best ROI there is. 

This is why we’re taken it one step further by creating a private community where we will REALLY be able to make difference to the lives of those we interact with. The teams broad experience base means community members can shave years off their learning curve whilst simultaneously being supported every single week to give them the freedom to live life on their own terms. 

When everyone believed the bull market would go on forever and that arbitrage wasn’t profitable, we built arbitrage tools. Now, while everyone believes cryptocurrency is no longer profitable, we are building price and momentum tracking tools. When everyone believes crypto may start to make a positive turn, our Machine Learning algorithm’s will already be in full effect.


Shaun has an extensive background in business growth and technology. At a young age, he ran a multi-million-dollar site in manufacturing and engineering as a Finance Director and Site Lead prior to turning his attention swiftly to start-ups in tech. Major successes include building a stable community and network in Blockchain, running a successful SaaS platform and teaching/training via value video content successfully to thousands of students online via Udemy.

Retail investors believe that they have to go through the ICO or the STO route in order to gain shares into the next Amazon’s, Google’s or Facebook’s. This is absolutely NOT the case. By helping expand our awareness, we can take advantage of low hanging fruit that most are unaware of.


Jonathan has an extensive background in Consulting. Jonathan’s knowledge and desire to help others succeed is second-to-none. His vision is to see the world change for the better and looks for any way possible in order to be a force for good in helping to build and nurture exceptional communities.

I learned Social Media Marketing because I had to. There was no other way and even before Facebook was born. Remember mySpace? Social Media is not only the most important mechanism for growing businesses today, but in 2019, if you are audience don’t engage and care about you…you don’t exist.



Chris initially cut his teeth in the music industry, one of the TOUGHEST industries to grow in. The difference is, he actually made it. From there, Chris moved into the Gaming and Esports niche, applying hard-earned experience in a new industry which paid off. Chris continues to work with winners who want to win more. He is sought after in both the music and gaming space as he continues to deliver REAL RESULTS and not vanity metrics.

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