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Video 1: Arbitrage

How to take advantage of free money on the table.

Video 2: Arbitrage

The Number 1 Issue Facing Cryptocurrency Arbitrage Right Now.

About CryptoWizards

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CMC movers: See what has moved within multiple timeframes (starting with 5 mins) in USD on Save pre-sets, set alerts and be the first to identify big moves!

ArbScan: So much to say, not enough space! Want to get alerted whenever an arbitrage opportunity matching your criteria appears? ArbScan cuts straight through the noise.

CoinDrop: Get notified the minute that your ICO, or anything like it’s description lands on CMC and thus, an exchange.

Customize It All

  1. Timeframe Filter
  2. Price % change
  3. Price thresholds
  4. Strong price moves AND through price thresholds combination
  5. Bullish or Bearish moves
  6. String Runners
  7. Coin Volume
  8. Coin Ranking
  9. Base and Quote symbols (aka Tickers)
  10. Arbitrage opportunities on all or selected exchanges
  11. Arbitrage gap % from and to
  12. Arbitrage against both coin and fiat
  13. Arbitrage duplication filter
  14. Coins matching your unique description (CoinDrop)

Crypto Data Analytics

Looking for the next best ICO or want in-depth market research covering top ICO’s, market sentiment and Crypto news? Sign up for our monthly in-depth analysis on ICO’s ranked by experts and social media sentiment or market research covering a data driven approach to the order flow and up and coming events in Crypto. Stay ahead and stay educated.

We specialize in data analytics and so approach ICO’s from a unique perspective, using data and sentiment to drive decision making. Join our ICO review mailing list by writing in to us and enquiring.

Over 50 Exchanges

Get access to over 50 exchanges worth of data, instantly. Identify areas of opportunity for arbitrage using ArbScan or compare prices accross the board for a given symbol. The entire market is at your fingertips.


Our algorithms are constantly working in the background so searches are super fast and reliable. Let our machines do the work, crunching ten’s of thousands of rows of data whilst your browser takes a well deserved break.

For Beginners and Advanced Wizards

No matter your experience in trading Crypto or trading at all, you have come to the right place. There are many way’s that you can be profitable in Crypto and by gaining visibility to the whole picture, you can choose the style which best suits your needs.

Instant Order Flow Analysis

See what’s happening on the order book without even having to log onto the exchange. Gain real-time visibility simply by punching in the symbol ticker and exchange you wish to view. We want to make analysing your trades as easy as possible.