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We help retail cryptocurrency enthusiasts gain an edge in the market by providing statistical quant based tools that scan financial data - no coding required.

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Shaun McDonogh
Chief Wizard

"I care about one thing really, having an idea that is unusual, finding hidden gems and exposing them for those who have left the world of hype and are looking for something more real. Rinse and repeat. Crypto Wizards is an outlet for myself to put ideas into action, teaching others effectively along the way and sharing for those without the same level of experience. I keep falling into other ventures, but am always happiest and most content when returning back to the Crypto Wizards initiative."

About Crypto Wizards
Real Statistical Cryptocurrency Arbitrage. Machine Learning. Custom Tools. Just Whatever Works.
Crypto Wizards, a global operating brand trading under XCHAIN ANALYTICS LTD.
Exploration vs Exploitation.
The Crypto Wizard's journey.

If you are reading this, you are likely either interested in programming and automation in crypto, entrepreneuship or retail trading. Crypto Wizards is really just a club. A place to learn, download informaiton and use apps that really just don't exist anywhere else.

When digging for gold, you can exploit your winnings. Crypto arbitrage is much like that. However, trading is a win/lose game. If you are winning, someone is losing. So you need to find a balance between exploitation versus exploration. The markets are changing constantly and traders must adapt with them.


This is not the first launch of Crypto Wizards. In fact. This is launch 4.0. The platform has 'failed' many times over. Not because of a poor platform, but because historically it has relied upon users being able to spot and use arbitrage opportunities sending coin from one exchange to another. This is simply not scaleable. Equally, the landscape for Crypto has changed. If you want to be profitable, we believe automation is key.

So what is the benefit?

There is none. Or put another way. It's whatever you make it. Shaun has developed CW as a way to share information, analysis and frankly just have access to cool stuff which you simply will not find elsewhere. You will have access to quickly pull data, look at current statistical arbitrage trading opportunities, learn cool stuff, make predictions with machine learning and download code that took us years to develop at no extra cost.

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