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IMPORTANT: ZScore and TriScan are for educational and research purposes only. Make sure you read the FAQ's before signing up.

App's included

  • ZScore Codependency Statistical Arbitrage

  • TriScan Triangular Arbitrage

  • Data Builder (plus 100Mb of storage)

  • Data Engineer

  • Machine Learning Trainer

Other cool stuff

  • Excel Downloads (per online tutorials)

  • Code Downloads (per online tutorials)

Monthly Subscription

$27 USD p/month

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Frequently asked questions

How much money can I make using your tool?
This is the wrong place for you. Look elsewhere.
How many Triangular arbitrage opportunities are there usually?
Do not sign up if you are expecting to make money with this tool. Triangular arbitrage tracking shown are for educational purposes only and is in Beta. No profits are guaranteed.
Is there a limit to how many opportunities I can trade on ZScore?
Recommend to just take what the market offers you. The tool often has plenty of coins to review. There are no guarantees. ZScore is in Beta and should be used for educational purposes only.
Is there a free trial?
Why are you still here?
Does the Machine Learning part really work?
Yeah. It's pretty flippin' badass.
I just want one of the downloads, can I sign up and cancel straight away?
Of course. All contributions and members are welcome. Sign up, use and download everything, include all the code and cancel. There are no hard skate.
Can I work with you on an idea I have?
That could be cool. Happy to explore ideas and collaborate. If you simply want something built for you, this is an option, but highly unlikely given Shaun's committment on existing projects.
Do you still offer the manual Smart Contract SmartScan Defi Arbitrage tool?
No. It's too high risk and also not scaleable.