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Statistical Arbitrage

ZScore Codependency

What cryptocurrencies or financial assets move in a similar way and tend to be bound together? ZScore gives clear and current visibility of the nature of cryptocurrency and other pairs that are cointegrated and deviating from one another significantly.

Hourly Scanned Movements

Pre-screened statistical arbitrage opportunities

Cryptocurrencies (although not limited to just these) can behave in a way where they are codependent. When one cryptocurrency deviates significantly in price to another cointegrated coin, an opportunity to profit is presented. There are a few possible ways to profit from this, such as:

  1. 1) Going long on one currency and short on the other.
  2. 2) Taking a view as to whether you should just go long or just go short depending on your assessment.
  3. 3) Doing nothing. Backtest yourself using the new pair you have found to see if statistical arbitrage is profitable.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Is there a way you can train me in mastering this tool? The value is prieless beyond words, and I am willing to travel to the UK to learn, if necessary.


I have been interested in the crypto since for the past 1 year and a half and truly you are one of very few that is real in explaining a lot of the dynamics and ways someone could profit and when you can really.


Triangular Arbitrage

TriScan Multi Exchange Arbitrage

Are you tired of sifting through manual arbitrage opportunities only to find there is no depth in the orderbook? Spot where the action is on major cryptocurrency exchanges with the Real Rate having pre-checked orderbook depth.

I have signed onto the website and I cannot tell you how thoroughly impressed I am with this tool..... This is excellent and so much easier to use than any of the other software that is out there... Especially the smart contract section. Its amazing!


Im impressed by your arbitrage scan and all the things about it.


Machine Learning

Predict. Anything.

Using the Data Builder, create your own file to make predictions on, or upload your own file. This tool is truly one of a kind and uses a time tested model for making supervised predictions. No coding required.

ML Plug and Play

Predict Literally Anything

Would you like to feed a legendary machine learning model with some data and have it spit out not only the results, but the probabilities for the predictions it makes in a downloadable form? Ideas for this are...

  1. - Will tomorrow's stock price be up or down on today?
  2. - What is the probability of Manchester United winning tomorrow's game?
  3. - Given a sequence of prices and data, what will Bitcoin's price for today likey end at?

Not only are you able to run a model on any data you like, but you can see what features in your data contribute most favourably to the outcome you are trying to predict. You can even custom create your own outcomes to coding required.

Truthfully, this tool was developed by Shaun, so that he wouldn't have to leave the bed or switch on a laptop if an idea for testing came to mind. With this tool, you can just load data and test an idea on the fly with some serious strength under the hood.